A New Halloween

Early childhood educators all believe that children can adapt to almost anything and helping them to understand a change or a new way of doing things is all in how it’s presented.

Parents are concerned this year that their children may not be able to trick or treat and that this incredibly fun childhood tradition will be snatched from them.  The current pandemic has changed so many things and Halloween is likely one of them.  But this Halloween can still be fun for children of all ages if the adults adjust their attitude about it.  Most parents are creative and innovative and can certainly create a new Halloween for their children that is both safe and fun. 

Your children’s response to what Halloween looks like this year likely depends on the vibe they get from you.  Do not present it as Halloween is not happening this year and you can’t trick or treat, but Halloween is going to be so fun this year because we get to do new things that we’ve never done before.

Why not…

  • Create an outdoor Halloween hunt for a small group of neighborhood children?
  • Decorate pumpkins with your children and drop them on the door steps of neighbors that live alone or are elderly.  
  • Gather leaves and create scarecrows to decorate your yard and have a contest to see who made the best or most creative scarecrow. 
  • Carve pumpkins to light the path to your front door.  
  • Have a home made Halloween costume contest and create an incredible character without relying on store bought items.

Halloween can be anything that you want it to be this year.  Yes, it may be different, but it can also be incredibly fun and who knows new traditions may be started that last long after this pandemic is over.

Happy Halloween!

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