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As we post this 4th blog you may be wondering why we started a blog.  Why would we start blogging now?  Well, Newton School for Children has been educating and nurturing young children for almost 40 years and with so much knowledge and so many things to share, it was either write a book or create a blog.  And since everyone is at home doing everything remotely and on line these days, we thought that we could share our expertise and experience and at the same time support parents and children with a weekly informative blog.

Unlike a lot of child care centers, our program has been run by the owner and the same Director for the entire time of operation.  The owner, director and assistant director have combined over 100 years of experience working with children and families!  Now where can you find that? The educated staff we have are all local Newtonians and are so committed to our program that some of them can even say that the children that they once had in their classrooms now have children of their own that we’re hoping to see in our school one day.

What we hope to share through this new blog is all the fun that the children have at our center, all the hysterical and insightful things that they say every day and all the ways in which we nurture and engage them to reach our goal of helping them to become intelligent, thoughtful good people. 

We hope that this blog becomes something that gives you a glimpse into a day in the life of your child at Newton School for Children.  We’re sure that this blog will make you laugh.  We hope that this blog provides support for you as you parent your children through the ups and downs of their different developmental stages.  And lastly, we know that this blog will help you understand your child a little bit better.  Because the collective experience we have to share with you each week will demonstrate the joy of childhood and the wonder of the world through the eyes of a young child.

Fazaneh Pahlavan owner and Executive Director of Newton School for Children and has been running the program since 1982.

Christine Tejeiro is the Director of Newton School for Children and has been with the program since 1992.

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