Let’s Get Singing

This article is written by our Music Specialist, Miss Patty.

 “When preschool children explore instruments, create melodies, learn songs as a group, and make-up songs, they develop appreciation for different kinds of music and become comfortable with different forms of musical expressions.”

Newton School for Children Creative Curriculum

Playing the guitar and singing with children brings me such pleasure. Music has always been a part of my life and I love sharing my talent with children. My music program is designed to foster the children’s social, emotional, physical and language skills through music and movement. The learning experience includes instruments, movement songs, finger plays, chants and multicultural songs that relate to the monthly themes at Newton School for Children. The children enjoy leaning new songs but always ask for their favorites!

Having a flow to music class is helpful, I usually start off with a welcome song followed by a few songs and finger plays. Then I get everybody up and moving. This is important as it gets their bodies moving and the sillies out. I end music class with the children gathered on the rug, we sing a few more songs and conclude with a good-bye song. They all look forward to getting a stamp or sticker. Music always seems to bring out the best in children. Hearing them talk about what instruments they have at home, or that they want a guitar just like mine is music to my ears J. Being able to spend this time with all the classes of children is something I always look forward too.

Below are some picture books about music to share with your children!

  • I Make Music by Eloise Greenfield
  • Our Marching Band by Lloyd Moss’
  • Musical Instruments A to Z by Bobbie Kalman
  • Music in Childhood (from Preschool through the Elementary grades) by Kirk Kassner

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