The Meaning of Childhood

To see things through the eyes of a child is something we all try to do as adults. As educators we are lucky enough to spend time with young children every day and because of that, we are able to experience the magic of childhood through their eyes. All experiences can be new to us again as we look at it through their eyes.

Children see everything in life as an adventure

Hide and seek to see what they find

Interested in all that is in front of them

Laughing with abandon at everything

Delighting in things that adults take for granted

Holding hands with anyone willing to play

Open minds

Open hearts

Determined to experience all life has to offer

Experience these things again with a child in your life and see them as if for the first time.

  • Go to the zoo
  • Celebrate a holiday
  • Read a beloved children’s book
  • Explore the beach and the ocean
  • Walk through the woods
  • Bake or cook
  • Sing and dance to music

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