Masks In Preschool

What is wearing a mask in preschool like for children 3 to 5 years old?

I wonder why it is that young children manage to wear their masks all day and not have a problem with it?  Adults are frustrated with this pandemic, we want it to be over.  We don’t want to wear these masks any more more, we can’t tolerate it, we can’t breath properly in them. We are tired of not being able to go out or do what we want. And we don’t want to be fearful of being too close to other people and exposed to COVID.

To prepare children to be safe, parents place a cloth covering on their child’s face every morning before preschool. Most children have just accepted wearing their mask as the new normal.  They are happy with the color of their mask or the character on it.  They run with it on, play with it on and smile behind it.  Children even become new characters behind their masks and remind their friends to keep them on.  And although children may occasionally take it off, teachers remind them and they put it right back on.